Friday, December 13, 2013

Before George W. Bush and Republicans Slashed Taxes in 2003

The U.S. National Debt Reality What a Concept

The Clinton Surplus Was Real. 

"At the end of the Clinton Administration in 2001, the United States was on track to pay off it's debt and accumulate +2.3 trillion in savings by 2011." 
White House .Gov 

That is reality. Republicans slashed taxes and handed out 3 trillion dollars in tax rebates with most of it going to the top few percent. They made outsourcing easier and more profitable actually giving tax breaks to companies that moved AMERICAN JOBS out of America. 

Now republicans have blocked every single jobs bill trying to make President Obama fail. One jobs bill ended tax breaks fro outsourcing and gave a 20% tax break to companies creating American jobs.

They refuse to close one single tax loopholes or raise taxes one penny on the wealthy or corporations. 2/3 of our most profitable corporations do not pay one single penny in federal taxes and most likely very little if any state taxes.

GE posted a 14.2 billion dollar profit and did not pay one dime in federal taxes. Not one penny to help pay the cops who protect them. Not a nickle to help fund the schools that train their American employees. Not a dime to help maintain the roads they ship their products on...

While America has fired 35,000 teachers since the Bush/republican tax cuts. Now the GOP has forced austerity on the American people cutting vital programs that we were paying for just fine before the republican tax cuts while even paying down our debt and saving money on the side.

They forced cuts to Meals On Wheels which is now serving 19 MILLION less warm meals to our elderly shut-ins. 30-40 thousand children have been kicked out of the Head Start program. They just cut food stamps and are trying to cut them even more. Even though 900,000 veterans and their families use food stamps via the SNAP program. With 22,000 homeless children in New York alone they want to take even more food out of the mouths of the needy simply to allow the already wealthy and even filthy rich to horde more of our nations wealth.

Just start investigating. try and find things the republican party has passed in the last 20 years that strengthens the American worker. Try to find anything they have done that helps the people instead of corporations or the already wealthy. You won't find much if anything. I can't think of a thing.

The republicans have failed the American Worker. They have sold out the American people.