Monday, May 20, 2013

Umbrellagate? Let Us Not Forget The Infamous Mustardgate


Video of Fox News attacking President Barack Obama because he ordered a hamburger with no catchup and spicy mustard.

America, please understand that this is not about our people killed in Benghazi. It's not about the IRS doing the job it was created to do. It's not about the president trying to get to the bottom of top secret information leaked to the press.

This whole thing is about billionaires taking over our government. The GOP does not give a rats ass about our people killed in Benghazi. If our soldiers lives meant so much to them why did they block any real investigation into why we invaded Iraq based on 100% lies? Where is the outrage over the 4804 dead American soldiers sent to their death for war profiteering? Where is the outrage at the 1500 contractors killed?

No, this is all about empowering the elite and letting them bleed every single penny they can out of the American people and the world for that matter. I constantly ask people who vote republican just exactly what policies the GOP have passed or tried to pass that help the American worker or the American people. I honestly never get one single answer. Just Obama sucks and he's destroying America.

Please get off your asses and vote these people out. They do not care about you or I. None of their policies are EVER geared towards helping us. We have lost 35 thousand school teachers since the republican tax cuts. We were on track to pay down the debt by 2.3 trillion dollars by 2011 they day Bill Clinton left office. George W. Bush gave more than that away in tax rebates with  almost all of it going to the top few percent. Then slashed taxes, created tax breaks for outsourcing American jobs.

To this day the GOP has sabotaged every single attempt at recovery to make Obama fail. Which in turn makes America fail. They are traitors cut and dry.