Saturday, November 17, 2012

Papa John: Crappy People Magazine

Papa John: Crappy People Magazine

Selfish, uncaring multimillionaire "Papa John"Schnatter

His dickish decision to screw workers out of health care rather
than raise the price of a pizza by a measly 14 cents!

His 40,000 square-foot mansion
His private 18 hole golf course
His 22 car garage

According to Forbes the actual price they would have to raise their pizzas by is only 4 cents. Dude is one serious douche bag that's for sure. 

The dude is worth over 600 million dollars. But he said he will cut workers hours so he does not have to pay one dime to help his workers out. 

Schnatter gave away 2 million pizzas as a promotion, and lives on a ridiculous estate with a turntable for his limousines but refuses to spend one penny on health care for his employees.

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