Wednesday, November 7, 2012

China Factory Suicide Nets: Foxxconn

Foxconn Factory Suicide Nets

 Foxconn China Factory Suicide Prevention Nets on their factories and workers dormitories . Corporate America exploiting communist labor while selling out the American worker.

Mitt Romney talking about a factory he bought in China:
 where there were guard towers with armed guards and barbwire fences around it. Is this what these capitalist expect the American worker to try to compete with? Chinese workers held like slaves in plants with suicide nets around the buildings and dorms so the poor bastards can't even kill themselves to be free from slavery?

Find Products Made in America 

Companies that use Foxconn
 * Acer Inc. (Taiwan)
    * (United States)
    * Apple Inc. (United States)
    * ASRock (Taiwan)
    * Asus (Taiwan)
    * Barnes & Noble (United States)
    * Cisco (United States)
    * Dell (United States)
    * EVGA Corporation (United States)
    * Hewlett-Packard (United States)
    * Intel (United States)
    * IBM (United States)
    * Lenovo (China)
    * Logitech (Switzerland)
    * Microsoft (United States)
    * MSI (Taiwan)
    * Motorola (United States)
    * Netgear (United States)
    * Nintendo (Japan)
    * Nokia (Finland)
    * Panasonic (Japan)
    * Philips (Netherlands)
    * Sharp (Japan)
    * Sony Ericsson (Japan/Sweden)
    * Toshiba (Japan)
    * Vizio (United States)