Thursday, July 26, 2012

Ann Romney Hosts A Tea Party

Ann Romney Hosts A Tea Party

Ann Romney's Friend: "I recently learned that poor people would like health care."
Ann Romney: "Why on Earth would poor people want to live longer?"

Ann Romney: "We've Given 'All You People Need To Know' About Family Finances..."

I have to quote the Dave Chappelle Show here:
What the f*** do mean, YOU PEOPLE?
You elitist snob. You and you power hungry husband and your stupid little Mormon cult.
It's silly enough to blindly whorship a standard old school God. But to follow a con man from the 1800's who was killed by a lynch mob while he was in jail for ordering the destruction of the local newspaper. All because they reported he was married and porking a bunch of already married women. Good F'ing call. You are both charlatans just like your beloved con man savior.

I mean three Gods and several Heavens?

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